(pretty toy keyboard withkey lighting, nice tekkno sounds & demos)

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Building a MIDI device is always a great microcontroller project, and nearly everyone has an old toy keyboard lying around in the back of a closet or in the basement. [JenShen] decided to take one of these toy keyboards .

Johan: I’m really a recluse, honestly. I like to sit at home with my toy keyboard and write songs. I do like being on the road, but when I look at the upcoming schedule, it’s exhausting. I know it’s gonna be fine but sometimes I wanna just crawl back to bed, pull a sheet over my head and sleep.

Electronic Toy Keyboard [Electronic Toy Keyboard]

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    3ds c4d ma max
  • Toy Keyboard - 37 Keys Lucky Bear Musical Center (MEC59486)

    In the video after the break, you can check out [JenShen]’s circuit and code that allowed him to turn a toy keyboard into a proper 32-note MIDI keyboard. It’s not velocity sensitive, but he says he’ll show everyone how to accomplish that in a future post.

    SampleScience has introduced Toy Keyboard – a free VSTi/AUi plugin instrument and sample library featuring the sound of the Yamaha PSR-78 home keyboard.