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I normally don't buy toys , and the last set toys I had a while ago on cw , I had sold them off and gotten rid of them . And promised myself not buy anymore but that has just changed for today when I came across this Looping Plane by Marx Toys. theres only one wheel missing . the lady at bumblepuppy said they will look for it as well:)

At Miniland Educational, we offer a broad and varied range of toys to fill both play and learning time. Our mission is to provide toys that are developmentally appropriate for every level of early childhood.

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We are dedicated to having an arsenal of skill-building toys that can be successfully used by both parents and teachers. The toys are presented in developmental skill/age level areas.

Miniland Educational places an emphasis on the teaching aspects of our toys. Miniland Educational toys are invaluable as educational tools due to the additional benefit of teaching guides and activity cards placed with many of the products. The multi-lingual teaching guides include game instructions as well as lesson plans (with corresponding teaching/learning objectives) and varied activities.