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The One-Step Changers are 2-in-1 speed-changers, and your Transformers Steeljaw figure is one of them! He’s the same savage warrior as always, but he converts in just 1 step from robot mode to muscle car mode and back. Can his Autobot enemies keep up? Not with you in charge!

It’s time to talk about the elephant (or rather, lion) in the room: Steeljaw. As a kid, Steeljaw was my absolute favorite of all the Transformers cassettes. So maybe my expectations were set a little high. Even so, let me just say this outright: the 2013 Transformers Generations Steeljaw is an outright piece of garbage. I understand the difficulties that the Hasbro design team must have had when faced with the problem of making this thing, circular data discs turn into robots. But–this is just an abomination.

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