So what are the best travel toys for toddlers?

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When it came down to it, I had no idea what travel toys for toddlers to pack that would last the duration of twelve hours in combined flights plus a layover. Obviously just a coloring book and some crayons weren’t going to cut it. In the weeks leading up to our fun family vacation, I searched every store I could think of for air travel toys for toddlers specific to a two year-old’s entertainment needs and was able to come up with exactly nothing. I wanted to avoid toys with a lot of pieces that once dropped would be impossible to retrieve from beneath the cramped airplane seats. I was also leery of games that made a lot of noise. So what the heck is a mom to pack that won’t start the fun family vacation off on the wrong foot?

Our bag of airplane-worthy travel toys for toddlers consisted of Max (Olivia’s prized lovey), a coloring book with stickers and crayons, a (quietly) musical pretend cell phone, a memory game, three books, a travel dvd player with a movie, and a set of nesting dolls – sock monkey nesting dolls to be more precise. With the exception of Max, all of our toddler air travel toys were new.

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      1. Portable DVD : A portable dvd is my number 1 on my list of top 5 travel toys for toddlers! I have learned the hard way that not all airlines have entertainment (after a painful 4 hour flight on US airways).
      2. Also, many airlines still have the overhead entertainment which is not toddler friendly (Note: Delta has a lot of airplanes with overhead entertainment only).
      3. Thus, I invested in a portable DVD player and child size headphones. It might only buy us an hour, but I’ll take what I can get! If you have more than one child, buy those neat little gadgets that allow you to plug more than one headphone into a DVD device called a multi-headphone splitter.

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If you are traveling with toddlers then toddler travel toys are an absolute must. Whether it is traveling by car, airplane, train, bus or any other medium there are always travel toys for toddlers available to keep the naughty heads busy. And yes, this rule applies for all age groups whether it is babies, toddlers, tweens or teens. However, there are some things that you definitely need to keep in mind when selecting these travel toys for toddlers.