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There are actually six mattress sizes, each with their own special dimensions. The names for each size are Twin, X-Long Twin, Full, Queen, King and that perplexing size called California King. No one really knows why California has a bed named after it! :-) You'll hear salespersons using these terms, and they will expect you to understand the meaning of each.

Anyone who is considering a new bed needs to know about mattress size charts before getting out the credit card or checkbook. You might think it is rather simple, but actually standard mattress sizes can vary quite a bit, depending on where you live.

International mattress sizes; Denomination US ..

With numerous mattress sizes available in the market under varying names,how do you make the correct choice ? This site is a quick help guide and helps you to

  • Find what are important size guidelines you should consider while evaluating dimensions of a mattress.
  • Compare and contrast the different sizes and find which best suits your needs .


  • King Mattress is the widest mattress .
  • California King is the longest mattress available.
  • Twin mattresses give the maximum space width per person. 
  • Twin Xl Mattress is 5 inches longer than a standard twin mattress
  • Queen mattress is a intermediate size sufficient for most couples. It is also the largest selling variety.
  • Olympic queen is 6 inches wider than a standard queen mattress.
  • Full mattress gives the least width per person.





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With numerous mattress sizes available in the market under varying names,how do you make thecorrect choice ? This site is a quick help guide and helps you to