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Apply for a US Passport - All information on requirements for U.S

Any way to hide the custom password from people on the network? I want to be able to lock my teenage son’s mobile device off the wifi network, but right now he can easily dig the password out using the info on the side of the router and the family PC.

Researchers said that many infrastructure systems require just a default username and password (like "admin" and "admin") to access. Others have no password security at all. With the growing popularity of search engines dedicated to locating exploitable "open ports," or unprotected access points -- a practice known as because hackers can use Google to find the ports -- authorities believes cyber-attacks on U.S. infrastructure will continue to increase for some time.

passport applications is found at the U.S

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5: Use Your Apple ID -- Starting with 10.7 Lion, it also became possible to use your Apple ID to reset your administrator password. It’s turned on by default in the Users & Groups pane of System Preferences, but double-check to make sure.

Select the name of the user whose password you want to change, and click the Reset Password button. (You may need to click the lock icon in the lower left of the window and enter an administrator password to be able to make changes.)