Are vibrating chairs bad for baby

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Are Vibrating Baby Seats Dangerous

Purchasing a used Fisher-Price vibrating chair on eBay is an excellent way for parents to save money and find the ideal product to meet their family's needs. With the exception of safety issues, there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to deciding on a baby seat, and with a wide selection of styles, colors, and themes, there is sure to be a perfect Fisher-Price vibrating chair for every baby and family. The company offers bouncer seats, stationary seats, and convertible seats with a number of interesting and useful features.

There are vibrating chairs for babies who like car journeys and bumpy pushchair walks, and most designs have detachable toys so there is plenty for little hands to try and grab hold of. As the name suggests a baby bouncer chair means that a fidgety baby will bounce the seat under their own volition. This freedom to move around is greatly enjoyable and builds up muscle strength.

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Baby Sleeps only in Bouncer Seat | Berkeley Parents Network

I am an expectant first time father who recently purchased a vibrating bouncer chair for my baby to come!! Sonce then I have been told that they are very bad for babies!! is this true or false and where is everyone getting their info from? Thanks!!