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Disney Mickey and Minnie Vintage Twin Sheet Set


Disney Vintage Mickey Plane Crazy Twin Bedding Comforter

There is nothing so traditional for the little boy’s nursery as vintage Mickey Mouse baby bedding. The crib set above contains 4 pieces. Of course, there are accessories available to complete the nursery decor.

“My husband and I absolutley LOVE the vintage Mickey Mouse bedding set. We recently moved to Germany as my husband is in the Army and so we werent quite sure if we were going to like the set once it got here…BUT! We were VERY happy to find that it is of great quality and very soft. It is perfect for a little boy to grow into and goes perfectly with his chocolate color furniture. I havent bought the lamp or wall hangings yet, but thats next!!”

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Pam Grace Creations 10 Pc Crib Bedding Set- Rockstar - Rockstar

Although your infant may not know exactly which character is in their crib bedding at a very young age such as 12 months, they definitely pick up on all of the visual cues regarding the color, pattern, and design of the bedding. Some parents are stuck on the mentality that involves choosing a bedding with basic colors and no pattern because they think that their child will not notice the difference; however, doing this will hinder your child’s ability to fully develop their visual senses through the stimuli that are character based bedding promotes. A vintage Mickey Mouse crib bedding is some amazing decor for your infant, as well as your home because it will stimulate your baby’s visual senses, as well as look great and add some flavour to your home!

Kidsline has been around for quite a few years, and have made a positive impact on the baby niche market over the years that they have been releasing products. They manufacture fantastic looking products for prices that can be deemed as being relatively affordable to the average consumer. Kidsline has designed an amazing vintage Mickey Mouse crib bedding set that girls would love in their infancy. Everybody knows that red & pink signify a baby being a girl, and blue & green signify a baby being a boy. This is mainly because it is quite difficult to tell what gender a baby is when they are younger than 12 months old.