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VTech InnoTab Max Kids Tablet, Blue


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VTech was one of those first toy companies to develop a tablet, the . Each year has brought a new, updated tablet, from VTech, to the toy aisles. Each year, the tablets include more features and upgrades. The included a rotating digital camera for photos and selfies. The was the first VTech tablet to have wifi, so kids could download apps and watch videos on safe, educational websites. Without the need for a plan, kids began "texting" friends and family with iPhone or Android phones through their secure Kid Connect app. Adults using the tablets, would notice their slower reaction speed, but kids never seemed to mind.

While it has some of the same features like wifi and educational games, it has a much faster processor and it is the first VTech kids tablet that allows kids to play Android games.

A VTech Tablet for Kids With An Android Processor

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Vtech InnoTab Tablet PC for Children | Walkthrough of Hardware

VTech tablets also include the Premium Kid Connect app. By downloading a free app on a smartphone (either iOS or Android), kids can send their parents, friends and family voice messages, stickers, or texts. Parents are in charge of friends and family members who have access to their child's account. There's nothing more hilarious than waking up in the morning to a message alert on your phone from your child clucking like a chicken!

As with similar learning tablets, kids can take pictures and video. An app on the InnoTab MAX lets kids , transform their content into a silly picture or videos using the Movie maker. However, the quality of the images and video are grainy in comparison to high quality smartphones and tablets, especially in low light situations. Older kids who enjoy more sophisticated technology, and a high quality final product get frustrated. The speed of the InnoTab MAX, while loading apps and initiating videos and games from the internet over wifi, is noticeably faster than previous VTech tablets. At 7 inches, the InnoTAB Max has the biggest screen of all the VTech tablets.