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One of the worst problems with wall-coverings and paints is their toxicity level during production and application. Taking to consideration principles of, you should use whenever possible paint, finishes, and wall-coverings that meet the following criteria:

- Use natural ingredients;
- Are made in water-based manufacturing processes, especially with regard to printed wall coverings;
- Use renewable resources;
- Contain no toxic solvents or VOCs (volatile organic chemicals);

Using paints with low levels of VOCs and without toxic solvents can limit color choices. First select a subtle background color and than add interest to the room through other accent items, like decorative wall panels, wall-hangings and tapestries. A lot of wall finishes and wall decor products not only will enhance look of your home, by contribute largely to and .

Natural products and materials for wall also must be chosen with care. For example, cork is a renewable resource and therefore works well in green design. Wood selected from sustainable forest management groups such as the Tropical Forest Foundation is also a wise choice. However, because wood usually requires a stain and/or finish, non-solvent, low-toxicity finishes should be preferred.

Wall decor is an essential part of interior design. By making the most of your wall decor you'll be able to enjoy greater convenience and freedom of imagination. This page was created to help you in your search for wall decor products. We offer an exquisite collection of wall embellishments for creation of a unique wall decor.

The very size of the wall makes it an important element in your decor. A wall can stand as a dramatic statement on its own. Functional and decorative, our hand-crafted wall decor products come in a variety of sizes to fit any decorating style. With our architectural and decorative wall enhancements and your imagination you can turn any wall in your home into a work of art. Fulfill your wall decor with personality and give it a unique character.

How to use your wall space depends on your temperament, your emotional response to visual things in your environment, and how you wish to use and experience your room. Some people enjoy placing one beautiful object in the room so they can focus theirs appreciation. Others prefer more variety. When it is comes to wall decor there is no absolute truth. Each person has to find their own wall decor style.

We present a wide range of products that allow you to create an exquisite and unique wall decor. From beautifully detailed , hand-carved and architectural to state-of-art elaborate handcrafted , , hand-painted wall panels and oriental wall screens. We invite you to let your imagination and creativity bring your extraordinary ideas to life.

Walls can cradle you, delight you, and provide places for your treasures. Wall gives space physical boundaries as well as privacy and intimacy. But a wall can also be an emotional barriers, blocking the energy flow within a space, causing a feeling of entrapment. Never allow this to happen!

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