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Power Rangers Legacy White Tigerzord


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This formation first appeared during the battle with Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel. The White Tigerzord had to retreat after the first encounter. Returning with the other Thunderzords, the White Tigerzord combined with them to form the Mega Tigerzord. Its primary finisher was shooting the Firebird Thunderzord on his wrist towards the target.

Boomstick: The White Tigerzord is a gigantic weaponized robo-kitty. While cats are clearly inferior to dogs, I might make an exception for this one and take it home.

Legacy White Tigerzord $79.99 from Toys R Us --- Blog Post: ..

  • Product Features
    The White Tigerzord is ready to help the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers take a swipe at villains! The Mighty Morphin White Power Ranger and his White Tigerzord are geared up to protect the earth from Rita Repulsa, Goldar and other evil forces! When it’s time to battle, just turn the Power Pad to raise the tiger’s left leg and activate his awesome paw-swiping action. Need more fire power? Press a button to fire projectiles from the launcher on his shoulder.

    Young Power Rangers fans will love using these figures to bring scenes from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show and movies “roaring” to life! Go Go Power Rangers!

    • Turn Power Pad to raise the Tigerzord’s left leg and activate his paw-swiping action!
    • Push button to fire projectiles!
    • Tigerzord’s back legs are moveable and posable
    • Includes White Tigerzord, Mighty Morphin White Power Ranger figure, sword, projectile launcher & 2 projectiles
    • Add this duo to other Imaginext® Power Rangers toys for some morphinominal action-packed adventures! (Each sold separately and subject to availability.)

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    The Mega Tigerzord is a combination of the White Tigerzord, the Lion Thunderzord, the Firebird Thunderzord, the Unicorn Thunderzord and the Griffin Thunderzord. The Unicorn made up the right leg, the Griffin made up the left leg, the Lion formed shoulder pads and the back, and the Firebird formed a claw on the Mega Tigerzord's right arm.

    White Tigerzord is one of the zoids from . Tommy Oliver and Tigerzord previously fought Zechs Merquise and in the 37th episode of Death Battle, .