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Nintendo Wii U Price and Availability Detailed, Preorders Available

A lot of people don’t want to admit that the Nintendo Wii U is starting to become a struggling console. While we’re big fans of the console ourselves, there’s no hiding away from significant price cuts in the UK that suggest that retailers are also starting to become worried. It was two months ago when that ASDA had cut their Wii U prices by £50 in the UK, but now we have confirmation that prices have now dropped even lower.

The Wii U price drop and the earlier release dates show a Nintendo that's really confident going into this holiday season. With a console that's $100 cheaper than the PS4, Nintendo might have a shot at gaining some solid holiday sales from parents looking to get their kids a game console this Christmas. It just might lure over some older gamers as well with new entries from its popular franchises.

Wii U price reveal coming in Autumn | Wii U

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    Nintendo will announce the Wii U price this Autumn, the company confirmed in a Q&A session with investors. Iwata pointed out that despite rumors and industry expectations, Nintendo had no plans of announcing a Wii U price at E3. Iwata said that when the Wii and 3DS were unveiled at their E3 shows, the price of those consoles wasn’t revealed either. Nintendo revealed the Wii price a few months before launch, and the company is taking the same route with the Wii U. The pricing will likely be announced at least a month before launch, in order to give retailers time to prepare and promote the console.

    Found at the top of page 11 of the Walmart ad, this Wii U bundle price of $249 is among the best available this year. While other stores are offering it for $279, Walmart is actually already selling it for this price, and that is before Black Friday is even here yet! This is a special savings item and quantities are limited.