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Because I did a bunny act, friends are starting to get me bunny themed gifts. I like bunnies, but I don't need more bunny stuff. Among the recent bunnies I've received has been a Wilton Mini Bunny Cake Pan. Don't get me wrong, the pan is cute, but....ya gotta really love your bunnies!

The Wilton Mini Bunny Cake pan is made of durable anodized aluminum. Anyone who has seen any Wilton pans will recognize this aluminum. It is not lightweight, but not flimsy. It conducts heat quite well. It will stand up to a fair amount of abuse. Wilton does recommend hand washing, however. Since little sticks to the satin finish of the aluminium and there are not any major crevices, it's very easy to wash up. As with all Wilton decorator pans, the design is well thought out so that the cake bakes evenly. The bunny ears are not going to get done ahead of the bunny cheeks.

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While the design is visible in undecorated cakes, to really bring out the bunny-ness, icing and cake decorating is necessary. This is probably my biggest problem with this pan. I'm not a big fan of decorating small cakes. With the Wilton Mini Bunny Cake Pan (or what my friend's daughter calls the bunny face pan), I end up with about a dozen small cakes all needing attention. My solution to this is to use this pan only for parties where I'm going to let people decorate their own bunny cakes. I get together bowls and tubes of icing, gels, sprinkles, candies, etc. Then I let everyone decorate their own cake.

A Wilton bunny cake pan is a good choice for a theme party, a holiday get-together, or a child who loves bunny rabbits. Decorating puts the finishing touches on your cake and is one of the most important steps. Choose traditional icing colors like a gray body with a blue bow, or individualize your finished bunny cake by using your favorite colors. In any case, when you use a Wilton bunny cake pan, your dessert is sure to be a hit!