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Wishlists and gift certificates leverage the strengths of the online medium, introduce new customers to your brand, and capture significant additional revenue streams. Given all these benefits, there should be an easy ROI argument for the changes required to establish a satisfactory user experience for such features.

The evidence from user research is clear: the current user experience for wishlists and gift certificates is not good enough. But usability — and thus sales — can be improved on most sites through fairly small design changes.

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*If you have a WishList Member Single Site License it can be used on one (1) URL at a time. This means that each sub-folder, www, sub-domain, local hosts, etc. would be considered one URL.

**The Multi-Site License may be used on an unlimited number of URLs owned by the license-holder. If you wish to purchase WishList Member™ for clients, please contact our support desk for information on our Commercial License.

Create Your Wishlist | Raybuck Auto Body Parts

Yes, this is a mostly full-strength roster Jurgen Klinsmann has called in for friendlies against Cuba and New Zealand. But with such weak opponents, there’s bound to be subs aplenty, and a couple of fresh faces (as well as some old ones in from the cold) just might see some game action. So with that, we give our lineup wishlists. They might not be stone-cold predictions, or really predictions at all, but at least they’ll be fun.

We found that many people thought it was too selfish, greedy, or demanding to create a wishlist that explicitly stated what they'd like to receive from friends and family. At the same time, from the gift-giving side, people appreciated seeing wishlists. So, to encourage more wishlists, it's important to position them as a help to the giver rather than a demand by the recipient.