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I have two major things I need to address before I jump into Raw. The first being that I'm a bit put out by one of the ways the WWE is handling Connor's Cure. They are selling bracelets and bandanas on the WWE Shop Zone, but they are not selling pins. Now the bracelets are cute, and the bandanas are nice, but Ellie – my own pediatric cancer survivor – and I – who lived a year on a peds ward not knowing if I was going to live, watching my friends die around me – both want Connor's Cure pins. The pins that all the Superstars wear on the shows are great, and I want one almost more than anything right now. I don't care if it's expensive, it's worth it. I'm a wrestling fan, I was touched by Connor, and I while I didn't have cancer, I spent a lot of time on a peds ward, not knowing if I was going to live, and losing those close to me, so I don't understand why they are not selling the pins. I think they'd do quite well with them. For the right price, I'd buy one for my denim jacket, the one that's covered with pins and patches (I need a Fozzy patch for it too, if anyone knows where to find one), and I'd buy one for my favorite hat (I bought a second identical one, in case this one ever dies) that I'm weaving a new hat band for, and it has a big Dragon pin on it, as well as a big gold belt pin that I got in a recent Wrestle Crate. These are two things I wear quite often, and I'd proudly display a Connor's Cure pin on each of them, because of what it means. I truly hope they release the pins soon, I think they wouldn't be able to keep them in stock, and would bring in a lot more for Connor's Cure.

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WWE Shop, appearing in a video touting the site’s official WWE gear

Sul WWE Shop è stata rilasciata una nuova versione della t-shirt “We The People” di Jack Swagger, dai colori rosso, bianco e blu:

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