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The campaign has exceeded its $100,000 goal by three and a half times, with a week left before it lapses. The blades are expected to ship by November this year, just a month before the launch of . If you truly want your own lightsaber, pledge or pledge not; there is no try.

To start us off this week we’ve got something I know a lot of little boys, and hopefully some little girls, are going to love. My 7 year old created it and he’s obsessed with Star Wars, so today we bring you a DIY LightSaber Tutorial! We’ll teach you to make your own lightsabers and it will cost under $2.

How to Make Your Own Lightsaber - Science Friday

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This light allows you to both build your own evil lightsaber and have it keep your room illuminated. Just try not to destroy the whole house okay. Oh, and don’t kill your father!

STAR WARS BUILD YOUR OWN LIGHTSABER - Take the final step to becoming a Jedi, or turn to the Dark Side of the Force as a Sith Apprentice! Now you can do both with the Star Wars Ultimate Lightsaber Electronic Kit from Hasbro Lucas Films #84850 - Create and customize your weapon! Over 1,000 different combinations! That's not a typo! Electronic Lights and Sounds from the original studio digital recordings!