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Zoobles: Mama and Babies Kangaroo Happitat - Jumper & Bumper #167


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Zoobles Mama and Baby: A twin pack of Zoobles containing one full size Zooble and a mini Zooble baby. The included Happitat has a hot spot for mama, and a cradle for baby. Each mama intracts with her baby. In the model pictured the baby sits in front of mam, and when you pull a lever the baby get pushed and it rolls away. These should also cost around $10.

Shared Happitat with Hot Spots and Bassinet
Zoobling Fits Inside of Mama?s Belly
Both Mama and Zoobling Spring to Life
Includes 1 Mama Zooble, 1 Happitat and 1 Baby Zoobling Meet Mama and her Baby Zoobling. Mama is bigger than most other Zoobles and can hold her baby right inside her belly. Their shared Happitat comes with a hot spot for mom and a bassinet for baby to rest and play when not safely in her Mama’s belly Together they’re always having adventures and looking out for one another. With a Mama and Baby Zoobling the whole family springs to lif

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5.0 stars

Zoobles Mama and Baby - Snail
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